M6 malfunction

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M6 malfunction


Ive just received my new to me leica m6, which i bought online.

the camera was described as fully functional, and everything looks fine to my untrained eye.

I paired it with a FSU jupiter 8. I shoot a test roll, and was surprised to see that the film came back from the lab blank - no frames were exposed.

I wrote it off as a film loading error, and shot another test roll.   same result.

The lab equipment looks ok, it developed other films fine.

when i rewind the film, it starts with a slight resistance, then become really hard after a few turns; almost stuck. it takes a considerable amout of force to overcome it.  The loading is straightforward, i do not think i'm doing it wrong.

I don't think it's lens related, since the TTL metering seams legit.

My fear is that it could be a mechanical fault in the film forwarding mechanism, or

the shutter doesn't function properly and will not open at the speeds i'm shooting (1/500-1/30).

Both options sound like a nightmare considering the investment iv'e just made...

Any toughs? I don't have a leica service available (will have to send it abroad, so i rather troubleshoot locally...).

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