Why all the Df hate?

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It's utterly subjective.

I think this is where we'll keep disagreeing :D, because I think good design is a lot more objective than that. For example, keeping with the camera theme, when all the industry converged in the 80s towards soft dials instead of labelled ones, I doubt it simply was for the novel factor (in the exact same way that I think there still are a few valid reasons to prefer a labelled dials design). Same thing for the current crop of phones we use : you may still find a few people who prefer a physical keyboard, but if people flocked en masse towards iPhone-like phones, I seriously doubt it's just because it had an Apple stuck on it.

Yes, but we have a group of mostly satisfied Df owners vs. a small group that makes claims about failed ergonomics minus the benefit of experience.

Who shall we believe?

With the actual D800 and Df sitting on my desk I can make a clear point. Holding the Df naturally, as I would my old F2, my fingertip pad falls perfectly on the shutter button. But on the D800 the shutter button falls under the last joint of my index finger, which never feels right. So in it's most basic operation, the shutter release, my Df is already a better fit. And that's the button most important to me! My wife, with smaller hands simply finds the D800 bulky and the grip too deep. Everyone's hands are not the same; not by a long shot.

I've listed my few complaints about the Df and they still stand...ISO lock switch, power switch among them, but like most owners I've found that it earns its way, just like the D800. There's no big flaws to stand in the way of making images.

I got rid of my awful iPhone 5 and got a Galaxy Note II which has a proper screen, better audio and incredible battery life. Apple plans to catch up with adult sized phones due out in the fall.


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