Why all the Df hate?

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Felts wrote:

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Shotcents wrote:

Everyone's fingers are different.

Actually I think human hands are surprisingly more alike each others than various weird camera designs would lead you to believe.

I'm not so sure this is the case... I'm constantly reading things like:

"I have big hands, so need a bigger camera to fit well"

"My fat fingers cannot push the small X button"

"My small hands work well with the grip"

You will see these comments more in the morrorless forums.

I believe indeed mirrorless cameras' grips tend to produce more chatter overall. Perhaps there is nothing to be surprised about, they vary a lot more than DSLRs' grips, and sometimes I wonder why, even beyond considerations such as overall size.

You can of course design for the middle of a bell curve, but even then some will have more strength in their fingers, some have arthritis, some have hypermobility etc etc

It would be interesting indeed to know if camera manufacturers have indeed made extensive tests to see what grip designs people preferred and if there was any correlation to specific hand features... my guess is that they never bothered. As far as mirrorless cameras go, I'm fairly sure most of the time it's just because it looks good, and that's it. For example, I don't think you'll find many people in the Sony Nex forum, regardless of their hand size BTW, who will prefer the A7's shutter release emplacement in comparison to the rest of the NEX lineup. But it surely looks good, sitting atop that cliff-like grip like a King overlooking its measly subject, i.e. the front dial, from its towering ON/OFF throne.

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