FE 55mm 1.8 owners: Do you still use the kit lens?

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Re: FE 55mm 1.8 owners: Do you still use the kit lens?

sigala1 wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

EvilKarma wrote:

I finally got my stuff shipped in today. Took less than 10-20 shots with the 55 just to test and wow I am mighty impressed. Some of these shots make me think why on earth would I still use this kit lens unless I really really needed a wider angle shot, and mainly because I have no other short focal length lenses at the moment...

I think that only taking shots at a 55mm focal length because the lens is sharper is missing the real point of photography.

Can you tell me the real point of photography (and where did EvilKarma mention sharpness in his post)?

I searched Google for the point of photography:


And found a blog post:


And quoting the author of the blog post:

One of the first things we notice in an image is the presence of any flaws in the technical process of capturing the image. But getting distracted with technique in shooting or editing may challenge your ability to focus on a more compelling opportunity: the opportunity you have to present something specific in an intentional context which affect your viewers in some way. Perhaps you want to teach or convey a message, perhaps you want to entertain or inspire, or perhaps you simply intend to document and illustrate the subject in its surroundings. You may want to shy away from the added responsibility of being accountable for any such intent, or think that your photos are "just for yourself," but if you're reading about photography (as you are now), if you're posting photos online, if you like to get positive feedback on your images, don't cheat yourself; admit that you want your photos to elicit some reaction, and your chances of achieving that goal are far greater if you admit and embrace that intent up front.


But seriously, I don't agree with the premise or conclusion. Many people who join these forums are people trying to learn more about photography. Shooting with a single focal length is a terrific strategy for many photographers to get better. They're removing the variable of focal length that can be present when using a zoom and that leaves the head free to focus on other aspects of photography. Perhaps the point is to learn to get better. The point of photography is not something that is generalizable to all photographers.

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