Dissapointing Sony A77 II High ISO performance

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Re: Dissapointing Sony A77 II High ISO performance

As an A77 owner and user I have been following the rumors about the mk II quite close. Will I buy it? Most likely not, its just too little of an upgrade from the first version. The camera basically fixes the most criticized items - major improovement to autofocus and a much bigger buffer. Great!

Has anyone expected major improovements to ISO? Well, I would love to, as the A77 is not really a lord of darkness. But with advances in noise removal software like DXo 9 Prime, I dont worry about it that much anymore. And you should not either expect a good ISO performance from an APS-C camera with 24 megapixels. If you are looking for an amazing high ISO performance, you need to go full frame, you need to get an A7s or something which was designed for this purpose. The A77 was not. Face it.

Now, as said before, for me its too little of an upgrade to buy. To A57 or A65 users or some of the still DSLR users it will be a good option, its basically an A77 done right. For me I will wait for the next product cycle - hopefully till then the A-mount will become mirrorless. Hopefully we will get a global shutter. We hopefully get a new video codec, more fps in video, more options. I would actually go for the A77 if it would offer either an R option without the AA filter or if there would be an S with low megapixels but higher ISO.  But those are not even avaiable for the full frame Alphas and Sony is foolishly keeping those options to the A7 product line. Well, at least I dont have to spend money now

Anyways, stop peeping, go shooting. Cheers

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