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Re: Fun, fun, fun.

win39 wrote:

Except that the Micro SD will not be used in adaptor in the camera like the example you cite. The adaptor will only be used to download the pictures to your computer and if that does not work correctly you can get a new adaptor. The pictures will still be there.

Of course not, that should be obvious. I was responding to the point that was made that microSD cards were used in devices using a card adapter, and that could occasionally cause problems.

for years I have been paying 1-2 dollars more for MicroSD cards that come with SD card adapters; by choice. A MicroSD can become an SD, but you can't do the reverse if buying the full-sized SD cards. I have used retired old MicroSD camera memory in:
-voice recorder

These devices are compatible with the slowest microSD cards on the market, so they probably wouldn't be a wise choice to use in a modern camera using a card adapter unless you never shoot videos or care about shooting high speed bursts for still photography, or phase out the old, slow microSD cards and replace them with newer, faster versions.

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