Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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But would you want those shoes if someone wore them for few weeks?

Marty, you are getting carried away ... like "Roseanne Roseannadanna" from that old SNL skit.

Marty4650 wrote:

Imagine if no one would buy a pair of shoes if someone else had tried them on. Or if no one would buy a suit or a dress if someone else had touched them. Or a piece of jewelry that some other customer had tried on. Or if we all refused to buy a car, unless it had zero miles on the odometer. No road tests allowed!

But what about purchased, used for a week ... 14 days ... 30 days even ... then returned.  Would you be fine paying full price for those shoes? Or that car?

And what would happen if no one would marry someone unless they were pure and "untouched?"

These are just cameras. They aren't medical devices that get implanted in your heart. They don't need to be sterilized and sealed to keep germs out.

But they are sensitive pieces of equipment, especially their insides.

Sometimes I wonder if the "I won't buy a camera that was touched by human hands" people actually use the cameras that they do keep. Or maybe they just display them in a glass case, like a museum piece?

But surely you would agree used for a week or two or more is more than touched? Perhaps much more.  Perhaps even mishandled. Perhaps damaged in a way that will not make itself known to you for 6 months.

The buy and try people are taking advantage of everyone else by driving prices up. Retailers are forced to match liberal return policies of the competitors, so everyone's costs go up. The obvious solution is restocking fees, so only the abusers would have to bear this cost.

Forced? Why?  Factory seals would however force retailers to be honest about how they "fund" their liberal return policies.  In other words at their expense, as a marketing tactic, or your expense?

Naturally, if something is defective right out of the box, then a return could be made, and the retailer could get credit from the manufacturer. If it breaks down later, then you still have a warranty.

If you buy a re-sold item, you are the second owner.  The warranty may remain with the first owner.  So you may discover that you have no warranty, but only later on, when you need it.  Let's suppose the warranty does transfer, and you send it in 6 months later because of a problem, only to be told it is an out of warranty repair because the problem is caused by being dropped. Or moisture that got inside a few months ago by the careless first owner, who only bought it to try it out, and never intended to keep it.

But the policy of letting people buy several cameras, try them out, then return them is costing all of us money.

Yes it is.

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