Why all the Df hate?

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Shotcents wrote:

Everyone's fingers are different.

Actually I think human hands are surprisingly more alike each others than various weird camera designs would lead you to believe. When looking at the big picture and compiling several people's opinion, sometimes it's clear a specific design seems on average constantly praised, while others are constantly criticised. Example : the Pentax K-x line grip is widely seen as being a pretty good design by a good deal of people, especially in comparison to other grips from the same class' cameras. Another example : very few people have complained about the Olympus EP5's dials. And again another one : the complaints on Fuji forums about the X-T1's pad buttons are endless. Why all this ? Well I suppose there must be good reasons, and I think camera manufacturers don't make enough systemic analysis of what works and what doesn't in terms of ergonomics / user interface and keep either making the same mistakes or inventing new ones altogether. Basically I blame a lack of rational, systemic thinking in terms of design.

BTW perhaps I'm mistaken but wasn't the Df's PASM dial designed after one of Nikon's historical model ? Well I suppose the only reason they designed it this way is just so that it looks cool or refers to their company's past... without much brain power spent on other considerations.

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