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Re: feasible within noise constraints

Steve_ wrote:

Anders W wrote

You are right that there is still a difference of about one EV in base-ISO shadow noise (effectively indexed by DR) between the very best (rather than average) APS-C sensors and the current generation of MFT sensors. But if you expose optimally (ETTR), current MFT sensors are already good enough that this difference is hardly noticeable except for high-DR scenes where you have to push the shadows in PP. And for such scenes, you can often solve the problem by bracketing exposure and then merging/aligning the images in PP.

I'm already doing too much working around and stretching the PP raw adjustments to get what I want. m43 has to have real IQ before it makes sense, and it's just barely good enough at present to qualify in my (check) book. Go to 24MP now, and I'll sell it all and accept I'm going to have to put up with the size constraints of systems with larger sensors.

That's not the way I see it in spite of the fact that I spend quite a lot of time on PP and am pretty picky about the results. In terms of signal-noise performance, I certainly think there is room for 24 MP at base ISO unless you are facing a scene with very high DR (in which case there are often solutions of the kind I outlined). Higher up the ISO range, you can just apply more NR to compensate for the weakened per-pixel performance. Since you have more detail to begin with at 24 MP, the net result in terms detail and noise would be roughly the same as it currently is at higher ISOs.

Seems a foolish move to me - If Oly or Panasonic really did this with current technology people would raise a storm. All you have to do is continue to engineer cameras over specification sheets.

Note that current MFT sensors are better in terms of DR (about one EV better in the case of the E-M1) than current Canon FF sensors with close to 24 MP. Nevertheless, I haven't seen a whole lot of suggestions that Canon should drop the pixel count down to 12 or so MP.

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