Oly 75-150mm versus Panny FZ200 bridge zoom?

Started May 6, 2014 | Discussions thread
William Prip Regular Member • Posts: 415
Re: Oly 75-150mm versus Panny FZ200 bridge zoom?


I bought the FZ200 to compliment my M43 system and my Canon pro gear.  I thought, with the f/2.8 aperture and long reach, I would be able to use it for simple things (like school plays, occasional kids soccer game, etc.).  Basically use it as light gear that I can have with me when I don't feel like lugging around anything heavier or bulkier.

Bottom line, I never use it. It focuses so slowly and inaccurately in moderately dim situations that I find it incredibly frustrating to use.  My wife uses it on occasions, here and there.

A small-size M43s body with a decent lens is a much better solution, I think.  Yes, most certainly more expensive, but it will provide enormously better results and would be infinitely more expandable and flexible.



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