auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

Christof21 wrote:

I confirm the previous answer, this rule is of course not ignored by Nikon or Canon. I would not suspect Nikon or Canon, they have so many users, it would have been impossible for them to not take into account this rule !!

Trust me, it's all but impossible for Canon or Nikon to spend more than a decade without listening to their customers. Nikon's higher-end cameras' broken memory banks system has been so for years, and has yet to be corrected. And Canon spent most of its digital years still believing we're in the film age by not giving its users exposure compensation in M mode or by putting the DOF/Fn button in the wrong place, both until recently. And as far as auto ISO is concerned, Canon's still receiving complaints, and I'd personally complain about Nikon's implementation's too anyway.

At least with Fuji if the complaints are loud enough, you may have them corrected in a firmware update. When they get it right though (don't get me started on the view mode "correction" for the X-E2).

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