Olympus E-PM2, Incredible camera! Some questions, & now looking for a wide prime!

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Olympus E-PM2, Incredible camera! Some questions, & now looking for a wide prime!

Hey everyone,

I've been all over the place with cameras. Started with sony and canon point and shoots, went DSLR, but they were too big (and poor live view performance), then sony DSLR, great but lacked support, went NEX/EOS-M, but too many compromises/issues...... then I tested the E-PM2/E-PL5 in Japan.

And wow. Live view performance similar to my old Sony A57? IBIS? Lots of lenses? Touchscreen? 8FPS? small size? etc etc.

I remember seeing deals before I left for Japan, and happened to stumble on the newegg sale on ebay. E-PM2+kit lens for $199! So now I have a White E-PM2! Ideally, I would have wanted a black E-PL5, but it's over double the price. So it wasn't reasonable for me at the moment.

Menu's were a bit confusing at first, but after the helpful advice on this forum, I have everything adjusted for my shooting purposes, and SCP enabled.

The camera is on and ready to shoot around 1 second, if I have the lens unlocked, question on that later. Shot to shot time is extremely fast. I have the auto ISO set to 5000, because I find 6400 a little mushy. The 5k limit allows me to use even the kit lens confidently in low light situations.

The JPEG processing is surprisingly better than my A57 and a number of my previous cameras.

The only grip I have is that it doesn't have wifi or NFC, which means I need to carry my USB-OTG cable to transfer stuff to my Galaxy Note 2. It's no biggie, especially for what I paid, but it's something I hope to see in future versions of the PEN series.

I don't think I could have found a better camera in or above it's price range overall, and I hope to stay in the MFT family for awhile!


A few questions though:

  1. I do occasionally shoot in auto mode, but I don't see a way to change the ISO limit. It appears stuck at 1600. Is there any way to change this?
  2. Is there a panorama feature?
  3. Is there a DRO feature? Sony cameras have this, a different process from HDR that offers more dynamic range.
  4. Any upcoming PEN cameras being released? I hope to eventually move to the E-PL5 successor when they add wifi and nfc.


On lenses:

I'm generally a prime shooter, and shoot between 28-35mm (35mm equiv), so I've been heavily considering the Panasonic 14mm F2.5. I was about to order one..... until I saw the almost nonstop praise for the Olympus 17mm f1.8

I generally use my cameras for food photography, night street photography, and general weekend & travel walkaround.

My questions are:

  1. How fast is the AF speed of either lens? I got into MFT because of speed, so I'd like to pick the faster focusing lens if possible.
  2. Focal Length aside, How drastic is the difference between the pany's f2.5 and oly's f1.8?
  3. Will I notice a big difference between my kit @14mm f3.5 and the pany's f2.5?
  4. How close can the olympus focus? What about the panasonic? I don't expect 1-2" away, but I often take pictures of a bowl/plate of food directly in front of me. So the closer the better
  5. Does the olympus perform significantly better than the panasonic? I'd prefer to have a light pancake, bit if the olympus is that good, then I don't mind the extra size and weight.
  6. Subjective question, is the olympus 17mm f1.8 worth double the price of the panasonic 14mm f2.5?

Thank You for listening everyone!

Olympus PEN E-PM2
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