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Re: A mount is DSLR. NEX mirrorless is E mount.

Chris R-UK wrote:

TrapperJohn wrote:

Sony A mount is the Minolta mount that Sony inherited when it started the Alpha line some years ago. This is a standard long registration distance APS mirrored DSLR mount, or in later cases, the SLT setup Sony came up with that eliminates the mirror but tosses about 2/3 of a stop of light permanently, including when taking photos, to the pellicle mirror EVF setup.

A mount is not mirrorless, and it is not small. It is a good system, but it's not small, and in fact Sony appears to be edging away from it, and may obsolete it entirely in the future.

NEX uses Sony E mount, for which the lens selection isn't that good, though Zeiss makes several primes for it. (at a Zeiss price, of course)

I think that there are 39 lenses available for E mount including 15 from Sony, 6 from Sigma, 10 from Samyang and 3 FE lenses that can be mounted on E bodies.

There are now at least seven FE mount lenses I think.

Zeiss 24-70 f4

28-70 3.5-5.6 (A7 kit lens)

Zeiss 35 2.8

Zeiss 55 1.8

70-200 f4 (this last one has/is just started shipping...only a few have it)

Rokinon 14 2.8

Rokinon 85 1.4

Maybe a couple of the other Rokinon/Samyang lenses are out (there are five that will be made for E mount that will cover FF).

Shortly there will be a Mitakon 50mm f0.95

Sony has a roadmap and the lenses are coming

A7 uses... not sure what it's called but it's a different mount, for which very few lenses exist today.

FE mount - I think that it is physically the same as E mount but with a larger image circle to cover the FF sensor. As with Nikon DX/FX, you can mount FE lenses on an E body and E lenses on an FE body but with a cropped image in the latter case. I think there are 3 FE lenses available at the moment.

See above.     Also some of the normal E mount lenses can be used for at least part of the range and all work in crop mode at reduced resolution (10mp for the A7 15mp I think for the A7R) or you can use any of them with vignetting.

It is the same mount just APSC lenses mostly don't cover the whole image circle.

For that matter, Canon and Nikon dwarf all of these for lens selection, but then again C/N don't make much worth mentioning in the mirrorless/interchangeable lens mount arena.

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