Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

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Re: Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

captura wrote:

Dirk W wrote:

So in just over a year you had both the Nex6&7 and quite a number of cameras? May I ask why? I find it strange when people buy that amiund of cameras in a short time...
Didn't you like the IQ? Did a newer better camera came out?

People are different; each as he/she likes it. I also rather frequently buy and sell cameras, because it is fun to try them and also fun to play with the newest gadgets and hunt for better camera technology. I have saved save some money for that hobby and anyway I don't lose much due to today's excellent second hand market possibilities, so why not.

I can totally relate to what JYPfoto said. The A6000 just didn't feel right. To each his own.

Captura, you have the NEX 6 on your wish list.  Does the A6000 somehow feel a lot different than the A6000 to you?  Elsewhere you stated that you prefer your NEX 5t form factor to the A6000, which is a bit inconsistent with having the NEX 6 on your wish list.  What is your real (read ulterior) motivation here, since you seemingly spread yourself over every A6000 thread with abundant negativity.

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