Why all the Df hate?

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By contrast, the manual controls in Fuji and Olympus are well thought out.

I'm not exactly sure I'd defend the position that the DF's controls aren't exactly great by comparing them to Fuji or Olympus cameras.

After all, Fuji is the sort of company that made the conscious decision to have lenses with labelled aperture rings, used out of necessity soft rings instead on their variable aperture zooms (logical), but then used the same soft ring on its 10-24mm zoom which has a constant aperture (This is Df's exp. comp. or PASM dial design level of idiocy).

I'll ask again...

The PASM dial. How would you have it any different

Good question. I know that I, like a good deal of people, think that it's a hindrance to operations, but I haven't given much thought about how to make it different. for starters, they could remove the locking mechanism, a good deal of discontent would go away. To prevent accidental turns, just cleverly sink the dial within the body, work out the right detent resistance, and avoid protrusions from the main dimensions of the body, and there you go. Given that it's only got four options it doesn't even need to be a dial BTW, other solutions may end up preferable. Just look at Nikon's own F4 to see that there are other ideas around (I'm not saying it's the best solution available, I haven't had the chance to handle a F4).

Frankly though, I think the whole top plate needs an extensive redesign anyway, at least to find a way to put the exp comp dial on the right side and easily reachable by one finger. I dare say that a good design team could find a way to put all the labelled dials on the right side. After all, Sony's found a way to put three soft + two labelled dials on the right side of a mirrorless camera, I suppose it shouldn't be impossible to put all the Df's controls including larger labelled dials on the right side of a larger DSLR camera (especially if the grip is redesigned as well). Right now the DF's top plate isn't very imaginative, it's a flat surface upon which Nikon's tried to stack all the dials as they could.

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