OMD with more MP?

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Re: OMD with more MP?

Michael M Fliegel wrote:

Not for some time. The EM1 has been out less than one year and Olympus has much longer product cycles than CaNikon. I have gone from 2MP (Nikon Coolpix) to 8MP (Samsung pocket camera) to 10MP (E520) to 12 MP (E30) to 16MP (EM1). 16MP is plenty. Next you will ask when Olympus will go FF. Never going to happen

Well, my contention is that it's better go FF35, if one needs more than 16 Mpx. Sony demonstrated it. There is no reason why Oympus of Fuji not to do the same, instead of pushing to extremes a cropped sensor and fail, like it happened to Sony before their A model.

Sony has a FF Zeiss 35/2.8 which actually costs like the Oly 17/1.7 but can meet a resolution of 36Mpx.

The advantage seems clear enough.


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