Why all the Df hate?

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Are you looking to buy a FF camera? If so, we can answer your question in a more practical way by first knowing your reasoning for buying a Df over D610 for $1,000 more?

To me and to some, we don't hate the Df, but are frustrated by this Nikon's offering in the face of the competition (and our expectation of the next big thing from Nikon).

So what is it you are looking for from Nikon?

The award of retro done right, both in looks and in functionality, will go to Olympus for the EM5 and EM1

The E-M5 was a great little camera, but it's not competition for a FF DSLR. The E-M1 is a technically more capable camera but less fun to use than an E-M5. Either is a good camera, but neither is going to compete with the image quality of a FF DSLR at any ISO (its either giving up noise performance or DR).

Don't confuse sensor size with their overall excellent execution of a design idea.

What photographic problems is the Df designed to solve?

Offering traditional controls, with a top of the range sensor in a lighter, smaller body? I've said it before, but if the body had "FujiFilm" written on it, people would think it was the best thing since sliced bread.

There are many discussions, including those from Thom Hagan, to detail the confusing controls that Nikon added to the Df. You should write to him to complain.

He has his opinion and I've discussed it with him. I and many other users don't find the controls confusing.

By contrast, the manual controls in Fuji and Olympus are well thought out.

I much prefer the aperture ring on lens, but otherwise I prefer the Df controls. Have you tried using one?

If the goal is to make a smaller FF camera, A7 is far smaller AND lighter.

and it doesn't have a lens range to speak of and the AF cannot compete with a DSLR. I have one and unless I change my mind the FE system is likely to replace my Fuji gear, but it isn't a DSLR, nor can it be used for the same purposes.

The "top range sensor" is mostly useful for people who typically shoot at very low light — will most people not be happy enough with D610?

The point with the Df sensor is not just about stupidly high ISO. It's also about a sensor that put out the most attractive colours and skintones of just about every other camera on the market, bar none. I used to own a D600 and own a D800E. For that matter i also used to own a Leica M9!

Funny that you think the word "Fuji Film" can say it all. Since when Fuji Film has become the leader in camera design with such wide recognition by users and reviewers? Could it just be that they earn it b/c they have come up with some very nice cameras with innovative features?

My point is simply that some commentators are uninterested in the camera itself, but rather who made it. I've owned the X-Pro1, X-E2 and X-T1. I think with the X-T1, Fujifilm dropped the ball.

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