Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Well said...

Patrick McMahon wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Patrick McMahon wrote:

and funny that some of us Df users love the 58mm on it.

I like to spend money, but sheesh! that 58 is pricey for what it is. Still, I do see work done with it that comes close to making me want one. But I don't work below 70mm enough to add it, at least for now.


I'm sorry you can't afford it, it is no reason to hate it. I replaced my 70-200mm VR2 with it for all around and sports. In my tests it outperformed the 70-200mm throughout the zoom range.

I have lots of friends that shoot and they all agree that the 58mm is by far the best portrait/ sports/landscape lens that they have used. It's like a Maybach... I mean really, they used Maybach's design team, and they were all wearing Rolexs while they worked on it. Listen, I don't do much Macro- but It is my go to macro lens, sure I could use others, but you can say that about anything.

I have a shoot later today, taking my yacht to the studio, will those silly models realize that I am shooting with the 58mm... No they won't, they're imaginary! Really though, Chuck Norris had sex with the Hubble telescope and the 58mm is their child...

I was convinced right up to the Chuck Norris part. He's my uncle and a optics purist who'd have nothing to do with folded optical systems on a bet.


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