Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Same reason they hate on the 58mm

HOWEVER, the big thing here is that IF the DF *enables* a photographer to CREATE images because the photographer RELATES to the camera better than a D610, D800E, 5Diii, etc, THEN the camera is absolutely worth it *to that photographer*. My thing is that that's not a global decision. Just because some posters seem to post nothing else in the forum except how great their personal DF is and how they don't use any other camera and do it time after time after time after time does not mean it's automatically the best match for every photographer.

And that last sentence is pretty much it for me. I appreciate that some folks like it, but I tire of some of the BS flinging that goes along with it too. It's a nice machine, but it's not the camera for everyone - wasn't meant to be either, and that's fine. (Same thing for the 58/1.4 lens - not gonna be the best match for everyone either)


+1 & +1 again

As I read your post I was all set to type a detailed expose on what my Df does that my D800 does not and vice-versa.

Then I got to your HOWEVER part and that says it all. NONE of this matters, which is not what the fanboys and haters want to hear. They want polarization. They want the battle. But these cameras are mostly alike for most shooters, far-and-away more capable than what most require.

I'm shooting on set tonight with the Df. It's not low light. I doubt a louder D800 shutter would bother anyone. The actors probably won't notice my Df or give me more relaxed poses because it looks like a film camera. I could probably get good results from my D5200 as well.

HOWEVER....I enjoy using the Df more than the D800 or D5200, just like I enjoy sailing more than powerboating. What else matters? Use the camera that makes you smile.



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