Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Fun, fun, fun.

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

photoreddi wrote:
I no longer care very much that the V3 uses microSD cards but I still wish that Nikon had stuck with SDHC/SDXC.

for years I have been paying 1-2 dollars more for MicroSD cards that come with SD card adapters; by choice. A MicroSD can become an SD, but you can't do the reverse if buying the full-sized SD cards. I have used retired old MicroSD camera memory in:
-voice recorder
-those small USB card readers that just take MicroSD

More flexibility means more fun.

Unfortunately there have been numerous reports of cameras producing corrupted image files when microsSD cards have been used with SD card adapters, with reports that after they've been replaced with plain old SD cards, the image corruption disappears. More fun can sometimes be too much of a good thing. Corruption of audio files is often hard to detect because it's localized at a specific, narrow time of the recording. Corruption of image files can often make them totally unusable.

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