Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

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Re: We're all buying our V2s from Canada.....

I wonder if Nikon is trying to get FT1 adapters out in the wild, but for a high price, so they make a good profit on them. What I suspect will happen over the next few months is there will be a bunch of photographers selling used FT1 adapters, because they got a new one with their V3 purchase. This means there will be photographers who own J1 or V1 or V2 cameras who will buy those used FT1 adapters and then used Nikon lenses. The fact that the used market will have fewer good deals will most likely drive new lens sales. So ultimately, the "packaging" of the V3 with all the accessories is a move to sell more lenses AND make a profit on accessories. Of course, I'm not sure why they don't just sell the adapter for $100 (probably still more than it costs), and then they'll sell even more lenses in the near future. Maybe not though. Who knows how this stuff really works?

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