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Re: I think Laurence M might have seen one...

JohnLindroth wrote:

the only one I've seen is the photo of Rudi Guttosch looking at a print made from the DP2Quattro

And I know LM used to print a lot of their trade show photos....

Exactly that link alone makes the "problem" claim nonsense. Of course there are images around. Whether they have actually been shown to anyone in particular or generally is an issue but rather a discretionary decision Sigma makes.

When the SD1 was announced at photokina 2010, images were prepared, and obviously that was done in advance and with some lead time. Someone also had to take them. And they were shown to a restricted number of people, who were allowed or needed to know. But not even the booth organizer knew in advance that these images would be there.

In this case, Sigma announced the camera at CP+ and likely had some images to show there to a similar subset.

Limiting the circulation of such images is done primarily by making them only available in print and for good reason. Digital negatives can be peeped and exploited for negative reasons. (Just imagine the nonsense on this board alone from some of my favorite spewers of misinformation using the BSOTF (both sides of the fence) approach.) Pre-production devices of every ilk have issues. The idea is not to cover them up but rather not let them become a distraction. If the issues are considered insurmountable, the product will not be announced as coming. Such devices in that stage are announced as concepts.

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