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Re: feasible within noise constraints

Steve_ wrote:

Most users don't realize how noisy m43 sensor are in DSLR terms because there's a lot of NR being applied to the JPEGs.

They are about as noisy as most APS-c sensors. I can compare with D800E. Latest m43 sensors are not that noisy at all, in RAW. About 1,5-2 stops behind D800E.

But once you compare to good APS-C output in LR the rather dramatic increase in noise at base ISO is apparent.

Which sensor are you talking about? The EPl5. EM5/10 and Gh4/3 sensor are not noisy at all compared to APS-c. Dpreview has noted that you need FF to get a singificant IQ boost. Not APS-c.

Fortunately Olympus and Panasonic has filtered what is possible through a recognition that IQ must compete with DSLRs before the platform is tractable.

Not really. They started with 12 Mpixel sensor that was usable till ISO 800 in 2008. it ws evenbehind the worst APS-c sensor and far behind the 2007 Nikon D300 sensor. Nowadays the gap has narrowed conisderably. Quite a few pro's use mFT cams since the 16 Mpixel Sony sensor was used in EM5. EM1 is another step up, but not because of better IQ.
The next gen 16 Mpixel Panny sensor was not noisy at all. It lacked dynamic range.With the new sony and Panny sensors, reaching 13 eV this is gone too (as ocmpared to 10-11 eV with the previous iterations).Since 2011, APS-c has not made any strides here. The gap is there, but narrow...A 32 MPixel mFT makes perfect sense to me.With current tech it would brin us old Panny 16 Mpixel noise performance. Fine with me.

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