D4 or D800E for birds?

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Re: D4 or D800E for birds?

I agree 100% with T O Shooter.  I have owned the d4, d7100 and now the d800e.  I actually sold the d4 and purchased a used d800e.  Here's the scoop based on my experience with the three cameras.

The d4 has the fastest frame speed and buffer, but if a person has to crop much the 16 mp sensor doesn't do very well.  I think the camera is excellent for sports and is a good reportage camera used by many professionals.

I bought a d7100 to go along with the d4 and with the 24 mp dx sensor I could crop really well.  The auto focus was excellent, as good as the d4.  The disadvantage was that the tiny buffer was not very good for bif and the camera had a lot more noise than the d4 shooting at an iso of 1600 and over reducing the image quality.

I sold the d7100 and purchased a used d800e in excellent condition with only 13,000 activations.  The detail of the images is amazing and for still subjects it is also excellent.  The d800e enables me to crop quite a lot and the noise control is really good especially if down sampling the image.  Shooting bif is ok, but from what I have seen probably not as good as with the d4 or d7100.

In the end I am keeping the d800e since most of my photography is still or slow moving subjects and the camera can be used for bif but probably not as good as the d4 or d7100 in af acquisition.  The d800e is far above any slr 35mm camera in detail if the subject is in sharp focus, this is what is selling me concerning the d800e.

I sold my d4 since it was going to sit on the shelf after buying the d800e!!!!  I used the extra money for purchasing a Zeiss 100mm f2.0 used lens in e+ shape, then banking the rest to be used for an updated d800e when it comes out and if they improve the auto focus.


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