Rank Oly lenses in terms of sharpness

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My list

75mm - probably the sharpest lens I"ve ever owned. The FL is not one I use much though.

45mm - nearly as sharp as the 75mm. A real bargain.

12-40mm - just bought it, but very impressed with limited use.

9-18mm - very underrated lens, IMO. Plenty sharp. Fun little lens.

12mm - mixed feelings about this lens. I may have a bad copy, but it's not as sharp in the corners as I'd expect. Center is sharp. Rendering, colors, microcontrast - and other subjectives are very nice, as long as I avoid pixel peeping the corners.

I also have the PL 25mm and I'd rank it up near the 45mm. Lovely colors.

Really though, I wouldn't fret all that much about sharpness.   Other than the disappointing corners on the 12mm, all the above are plenty sharp in real world shooting.  Other than maybe shooting macro, the above lenses are all so good that a few extra lines resolved on a chart is really moot, IMO.

The questions to answer are do you need the wide aperatures of the primes vs the convenience of the zoom.  Do you want to carry one heavy zoom or 2 or 3 primes.  Do you enjoy shooting with primes (many do, akin to do you want a manual or automatic transmission on your car).

Since I just bought the 12-40mm I'm going to need to do some thinking about the above questions about my lenses. The 12-40 could replace 3 primes, but it is heavy for m43. However, the em-5 and 12-40 are still considerably lighter than my old DSLR and standard zoom, which wasn't f2.8. But, I do love the form factor of the tiny little primes.

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