Why all the Df hate?

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olyflyer wrote:

ravduc wrote:

Why do you talk about 'fanboys'. Most DF owners own other cameras as well.

How do you know that? I claim the opposite, most Df owners DON'T own any other camera and it is their life savings they spend on a designed beauty (in their eyes) which is why they need to justify their beloved possession.

Every single camera that I own including the DF, have qualities and faults. What Df owner object to, are comments about a camera that many really don't know much about.

No, what Df owners brag about is how BAD other cameras are compared to the Df and how SUPERIOR the Df is in the same comparison.

If I dropped into a thread on the D610 and had never used it, and criticized the camera, you would be the first to object.

No, I couldn't care less. Why would I object? I don't even have a clue if you have one, and even if you don't, why would that matter? Many Df owners makes claims about any other cameras which are totally nonsense, and definitely shows they NEVER handled those cameras. That's OK, as long as people who actually know can also speak up and respond to those claims.

Anyway, you must understand something, even if it is hard. Some aspects of a camera can be read out of the manual or the specs, based on which, it may be easy to dismiss that camera. I never ever handled the D600 but dismissed through the specs. There are several reasons, and I am not going to list those, so don't ask. The same is true for the Df. I read the specs and dismissed it before the release or before anyone could handle it. You don't actually have to handle and even less own something to know it won't fit your needs, if you are an adult with some experience, especially not cameras. I don't even care if every claim made about that sensor would be true (which is of course not), because I just know it is NOT my camera, the specs told me that before the release already.

You know, regardless how beautiful a pair of shoes are, if I know they won't fit my feet, I'll never buy them. How come it is different with the Df? Why do we have to own, or at least handle it to be allowed to comment on it? Why do the fanboys want us to wear shoes which don't fit or hur our feet if we wear them?

wow ,  why waste valuable time and energy with such passion on something you don't care for , the most valuable commodity in life is time , crazy dude

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