What the h... happened to this forum?

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Re: What the h... happened to this forum?

It has become more apparent over time that the internet shield of anonimity is more prevelent. A reply, however toned and intended, gives no body language to the intended recipient, and there is not threat of instant retribution to the sender. There is no knowledge of either the sender or recipients state of mind, health, age or ability. This sad situation opens the door to all sorts bad behaviour, and, will be hard to vanquish, more a fact of modern life. I have no solution to the problem.

As for returning an item because it is not what was expected, well this should incur a fee. There is usually enough data on-line these days to make a reasonable judgement before purchasing most things, and defects apart I find it unreasonable to just say I don't like it so back it goes.

The question of comparing cameras before one or both are on sale, or reviewed, seems strange to my thinking. Without evidence of purpose or being how can a comparison be made? Therefore I don't enter into the discussion, simple.

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