auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

Christof21 wrote:

Christof21 wrote:


This is not the first time I complain about it in some replies. The way it behaves by ignoring the 1/focale rule to set the shutter speed is a huge problem in my case.

The 1/focale rule was fine for me. I often switch lenses, use zooms and now I have to always keep an eye on the minimum shutter speed.

I admit that I am really surprised that this issue is not often mentioned.

Fuji could have implemented the minimum shutter speed but still taking account the focal length (most camera makers do have this implementation !). Do you know any recent camera which has an implementation like Fuji ?? If so, please tell me.

Others propose an improvement of this implementation (with a multiplying factor if you want to take into account OIS). But Fuji broke the rule of 1/focale. I don't call this an auto mode !!

All the Fuji x-cameras have the same "problem" ...

I think I can't go back and uninstall the last firmware on my x-e1. I don't have any solutions for my problem, this is a bad joke from Fuji.

Before, I was complaining also about auto iso when you set aperture and shutter speed. The ec is ignored. This is a mode I really like...

So auto-iso is really a problem for me and I hope Fuji will take seriously into account this in the future firmwares. Please improve auto Iso and solve these two issues !!!

If some of you know how to uninstall the last firmware, it could interest me.

Thanks and sorry for complaining. I really like my camera but it would be much better with just 2 or 3 fixes. An expert camera should have these issues fixed.

I am an "auto iso" shooter. The only exceptions are when I am fully manual (when I shoot with a tripod or with a flash).

I don't really care about the new ISO dial on x-t1... Almost useless for me or so rarely. But I really care about having a good auto-ISO implementation.

Other people shoot differently, it is their own personal preference. So far, in this thread, nobody could give me the name of a recent camera which did not have the option to take into account the focal.

Somebody suggested a good auto-ISO implementation. Everybody would be happy. This is the main conclusion.

The poll reveals very contrasty opinions about this topic, but for some people, it seems to be a very important feature. They should not be ignored. I really hope Fuji will listen to these users.

Not true. I said the the auto ISO on my Canon's have you specify minimum shutter speed. They don't use a 1/F rule from what I can tell unless there is another setting I'm missing.

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