Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Why all the Df hate?

pcm81 wrote:

Bunza wrote:

Sure, no camera is everything to everyone and there is some criticism of every Nikon FX model, but ...

Is it my imagination or does the Df get more than its share of, well, not hate but negative comments compared to the rest of Nikon's FX line?

If so, why?

Having stopped reading the comments on page 2; mostly b/c most of them are full of crap, here is the simple, straight forward answer to your question:

People's view of Nikon has changed; people's expectation of nikon products has changed, and DF does not fit either of the two.

Nikon used to be a quality camera / lens maker. If you bought Nikon camera you were guaranteed quality; different nikon products offered different flavors and feel and functionality, but they were all top notch quality products. Nowadays Nikon has diversified into low budget "crappy quality" market, hence rather than "different feel" of a new product people expect "better specs, bigger bang for their buck" from new releases. DF offers none of the currently expected features from its price point. As the result it is seen not as a "niche / pure photography" camera, but rather as an attempt by nikon to cash out on hard core fanatics. People do not like to be treated like idiots and nikons offer of DF makes people feel like they are being treated like idiots by nikon.

If Nikon wanted to sell DF, they should have priced it at no more than $800 but with appropriately lower specs. Something along the lines of: 12-16MPX sensor (DX or FX what ever price permits). Yeah, the camera would not offer anything "new" as it does not offer now; however it would be what it was intended to be: a good quality, simple camera that does not get in your way.

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1. D800 is the first camera with resolution so high that it simply does not matter.
2. Most people who do not own/shoot d800 misunderstand it. Color depth and accuracy in addition to resolution is what makes d800 great. Resolution alone is over rated.

As an owner of the Df as well as the D4s and D800, I can't imagine what you're saying here, nor would much of the pro community. The cast of Canon and Nikon DSLRS are amazingly powerful tools, well built and far more capable than the group of 35mm film cameras I still own and use. Most of my current Nikon glass is superior to the older glass I own. The Df works side by side with my D4s and it's a great tool on a job. The files from the D4s and Df are my preference for color at any ISO above 1600. You need to shoot with these cameras for weeks and months to gather their relative strengths. If the price or perceived value is not to your liking, buy something else. There are many great cameras on the market. Duplicating the D4s sensor in a much smaller body was all the value I required to buy one right away. All of the negatives listed by non-owners have very little to do with actual photography, IE; the focus works beautifully, build quality is great and I don't shoot video or want split prism focus. Would I change anything? As with any camera, yes. I see a lot of ego and fantasy in these threads. In another thread a Df owner complained about the Df focusing until someone pointed out that he should be using a different focus mode. He then reported success, but later made a claim about being very experienced. Well, experience is a highly relative term, isn't it? As I mentioned before, the love for the Df is far outweighing the hate and the critics might start to consider why, without resorting to personal and unjustified attacks. As with any good camera, the Df most powerful feature is the person using it. The features, form factor and imagined value are nearly worthless beyond that.


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