AF-C problems solved by AF Fine Tune or am I imagining things?

Started May 6, 2014 | Discussions thread
Robert Palmqvist
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Re: Very interesting

I have used the 105 as a short tele (shooting sports) and had no problems (AF-C but with moving subjects). I also used it for portraits (with no AF problems) and I never had any problems using it for macro (but usually using MF instead of AF for macro). I am not sure I would have noticed anything if it wasn't for my bad behaving 24-85. But I was already on my toes and switched from the 24-85 to the 105 (because of this annoying behavior) when I was on a walk a couple of weeks ago. It was a bright spring day with a lot of shades of brown (here in Sweden).

I was planning on some macro shots (and it worked fine) but kept the lens on since I was frustrated by the 24-85. So I started to shoot with the 105 as I had been shooting with the 24-85 (random pictures in the forest). I have to admit that focus conditions was a bit more tricky than a focus card or a black cross on a white wall but nothing extreme. This is when I experienced a similar behavior as with the 24-85 (same configuration using AF-C and AF-On). And that is why I included it with my 24-85 as one of the "tricky" ones...

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