AF-C problems solved by AF Fine Tune or am I imagining things?

Started May 6, 2014 | Discussions thread
Robert Palmqvist
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Re: You have not included any images

Thanks Leonard but cleaning the bayonet and contacts was my first action. My AF problems was not due to bad focus targets. The flickering VF "rangefinder" indicators was not due to bad contrast, tricky light sources or subjects. I could quite easily get into a state where these indicator lights flickered like crazy even when focusing on a perfect focus target (like a focus card or a black cross on a white wall). You might think it was due to me not being able to hold still and/or slightly shifting the focus plane but no. I have ruled it out by using a tripod and AF might still hunt. Note that we are not talking about moving targets or bad targets, we talk about static targets with great contrast and camera on a tripod. I still manage to get into a state where AF (while keeping AF-On button pressed and AF-C enabled) continuously micro adjust and never settles (VF "rangefinder" indicators flickers like crazy and focus is never acquired).

This "crazy" behavior is gone after AF Fine Tune is enabled (as described in my first post).

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