Battery re-charging problems in Spain

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Re: That's always been my understanding.

Corkcampbell wrote:

Everything I've read in the past indicates it is primarily a cost-cutting measure, found especially in countries where electricity cost is higher. Safety is a nice by-product, but we don't read daily news of hotels going up in flames due to air conditioning or TVs being left on. If safety were the primary concern, some governments would have required the system. They may yet require the system, but it would be more like the phasing out of the old-technology, electricity-hungry light bulbs. In some places, the use of the card also alerts the hotel staff to when you are present, and when you leave. I noticed that in a couple of hotels in which I've stayed recently, within seconds of my leaving, someone knows and immediately comes in to clean the room.

I've gotten use to it over the years and don't have a problem with it; as others have said, you just recharge your batteries, shavers, phones, etc., when you are in the room. No biggee.

The key cards certainly have tangible benefits. I've found that the electric shaver outlet in the bathroom is sometimes not included in the power shut-down scheme, although low power capacity, it's enough to charge a battery if needed.

I have the same experience as you and the others, it's easy to charge the various devices when in the room, I haven't needed more than that in a long time.


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