OMD with more MP?

Started May 6, 2014 | Questions thread
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? 32 Mpixel seems really feasable already

Look at the Sony RX 100-II cam (sensor). It is as good as the good mFT sensors when it comes to DR, tonality and colour sensitivity. Noise is about a stop behind. Such  pixeldensity would translate into a 39 MPixel mFT cam. Interesting for landscapers and may be macro photographers already.

Suppose we would make it a 32 MPixel sensor:

1) Noise would be about 1/2 stop behind current mFT sensor, everything else would remain the same (with Sony 1"tech, which Panny also seems to be able to reach).
2) As said: great for landscaping, everything that demands detail
3) Lenses will be outresolved (the not so good ones..) I think (unsure)
4) Demanding more processing power
5) I stil think this does sell better, so for marketing purposes etc this might be smart too.

1) Noise. this is just above 6400*4800 pixels. Downsize 5000*3750 Pixels (18-19 Mpixel) or so and you'll be fine I think.
3) This is purely based on what I saw with the NEX7, but there might be (much) more to it
4) Sony a6000 does 11 FPS with focustracking (and quite well). That is 24 MPixel. So if we can do this in a lineair way it wouldget us 8,5 FPS. Would rival EM1/Gh4. So 6 FPS with trakcing would be nice if we would put this in the elusive G7..

I am no expert, so I might be wrong and see things a bit to optimistic. But if the above is close to reality I would like to have such a cam for landscaping, inthe hope that the 12-35 and 20 mm 1.7 are not outresolved that easy...

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