Battery re-charging problems in Spain

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Re: Correct. It's a good and flexible system.

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Corkcampbell wrote: It's a good system - I travel a lot (unlike the OP, apparently) so I am familiar with all of these electrical environments. The card controlling electricity is a cost-saving measure for hotels, especially those in regions where the weather encourages use of an air-conditioner. As mentioned, some ports are still active for chargers or other low-voltage uses. Not sure why the OP is surprised and puzzled by this - it's been normal for a number of years. Last year, in a hotel in Pyongyang, I noticed the same system.

As I indicated in my earlier response - the main reason is not electricity wastage but more for hotel safety for hotel occupants - meaning only rooms with occupants have anything electrical on when unoccupied = safety for all! There is no restriction on use of anything electrical when occupied.

It's my understanding that the primary reason to use the hotel key card to shut off electricity is energy savings. A Google search for "hotel key card electric conservation" returns pages of hits identifying this conservation initiative, hotels using them to save energy, manufacturers promoting them for conservation, etc.

Safety may be a consideration, but I believe conservation is the primary driver.


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