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Re: no Quattro sample images

SigmaChrome wrote:

Dawson53 wrote:

I have seen several images on a Chinese forum. Somehow that thread is deleted. Unfortunately, I could see purple, green, and magenta on the image, so we still have to deal with those nightmares.

Really...? How did you come to this conclusion? The camera hasn't been released yet. Plenty of images from pre-release cameras look awful.

I hope I was seeing Merrill image because I can't read any Chinese lol

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Remember? Shinzo Fukui - ex Sigma brand director took all promotional photos with Proto DP2M for SIGMA and you say those photos are awful? How about Seike Miyake's photo? He took DP3M promotional photos with Proto DP3M.

Well, when DP2M came out, the purple, green, and magenta thing was so easy to appear and SIGMA tuned the software and now we don't need to take care those things that much like before.

dpQ has a new sensor, so the same thing can happen, or not. Who knows. Please don't get me wrong. I am 100% sure I will get dpQ and so exciting to see the sample image. I really wish that photo I saw was wrong.

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