Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

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Re: Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

Dawson53 wrote:

I tried A6000 and I decided to stay with NEX-6 and NEX-5N, but not the same reason as you feel.

I really love the design of A6000 and the new AF-C is revolutionary amazing. The new custom key and the UI are big improvement I presume.

However, since I have begun to use the old lenses, AF is not a big option for me. If I used only E-mount lenses, I am sure I will sell my NEX-6 and upgrade to A6000. Maybe, If there was a camera which has A6000 body with the touch panel(b/c touch panel is really useful when you use MF lens), I am sure I will get that. I just chose the different path of the fun.

Not different at all. Not everyone needs to have the latest, fastestm flashiest, etc. But the marketeers, all the way from paid lowly fanboys to camera-toting corporate executives and salespeople are exorting us with constant messages to Buy, Buy, Buy!!!  Who can resist that?

I know a guy who used to be a video pro. He uses one camera only, on a daily basis, and it's the same one he has used for 5 years. A Panasonic LX-3. But he does not appear on these forums and so he does not get ridiculed. He too, has chosen the different path.

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