EM1 or D600, for Weddings?

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Re: Of course you can!

slainte wrote:

Liqu wrote:

but I can asure you they always have a FF camera as a backup, just incase.

There's some truth in what you say, but - pardon me - that part is bs.
I shoot weddings professionally, with mft only. And I do that since almost two years.

Yes, the system has a few drawbacks:
- depth of field
- C-AF performance (except the E-M1)
- High-ISO

And it has a few advantages:
- size/weight
- inconspicuousness
- quietness

As the larger depth of field may also be an advantage on weddings, it's true that C-AF performance even of the E-M1 is still a bit behind state-of-the-art DSLR. And yes, there's more noise in higher ISOs. But let's be honest, todays mfts have high ISO capabilities that FF-cameras had a few years ago and that were perfectly sufficient for the most expensive and award winning wedding pictures. In prints anything below ISO6400 ain't a problem with mft, so what!?

The question is, will a camera support your shooting style?

For me, my E-M5s do exactly that. I love the speed and precision of the S-AF, I love to see the final picture (exposure, WB) in the viewfinder before I take it, I love the tinyness of the whole system...

Thanks to Paco for linking my blog!
If you are interested in my first year of weddings with the E-M5, you might check this article: http://blog.brautrausch.de/hochzeiten/293-ein-jahr-hochzeiten-mit-omd.html


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It's only just begun...

Great wedding photos! I would hire you any day for my wedding!

By the way, the extra DOF with m43 system can seen as an advantage in many settings.


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