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Re: Thank you, Xara

fad wrote:

for reading my comment and intentions correctly.

I thought my comment on Sal was addressed for her benefit, and for everyone, to think about the need for both openness to comments from others, which are vital, and, at the same time to be open to oneself, to the unique vision that only the "I" that I inhabit, can bring as a gift to the world. If one cannot hear the voice if that "I" when it surfaces, then it disappears. It is to see that "I" of the photographer that we look at so many photos where the "I" is obscured.

It was an important statement about the process we are engaged in as artists, if we think of ourselves that way. I think my comment was a gift, a gift to me to have it, and a gift from me to share it. It was one of the most important posts I have made here, out of many, IMHO.

I was taken aback when people I look on as online friends and colleagues decided its purpose was to be a direct insult to them. These are not the kinds of thoughts that angels suggest to us, we who are met here as friends and fellow photographers.

I wish we were all gathered together so I could offer everyone a beer, to good fellowship and good cheer. But since that is not possible, why not go ahead and take a beer from your fridge and think of it as on me.

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I can sense the gathering of angels and the trumpeting of horns to applaud your contributions to Photography, Humanity & Psychology to all mankind...sounds wonderful and wish I can really experience it and not just imagine it.

Why should I be anything but dubious and cautious about all you say, what you say and how you say. Of course even then what you actually mean is quite something else altogether. You, the scholar poet... the one who loves wordplay, double meanings, the fake bumbling.

Last time you surprised me in the backroom and told me the entire history of good and bad people in this forum and patted me on the back to say that I am generally, in your words, loved and respected by all!

And guess what? You are out there in the forums the next day to continue your attacks. Incrediblle!

Listen to me Frank...you are supposed to stab people in the backroom and you are supposed to be civil in the living room.

Why do you do the opposite? You got it backwards my friend ?


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