Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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I love reviews like this one.

...because I don't think Nikon's ludicrous pricing should be rewarded, not even by early adopters.

The 'review' sounds like Steve Huff is more upset about how something feels more than anything else, to me. If he doesn't like the look or feel of something, it gets boxed back up. I also don't understand people still ranting about MicroSD in 2014, unless they constantly take cards out and put cards in, which can be a bit fiddlier than SD, but I remember similar arguments about the 'solidity' of CompactFlash and how it was the right size and how SD felt cheap and was too small. History repeats. If it's a cost argument (and not a card-handling argument) you can buy MicroSD cards with SD adapters for about $2 more than the SD equivalent, usually. To me, MicroSD is a laughable 'issue', especially since phones have been using them for so long and in typical usage they shouldn't get a second thought.

I love the design of the V3 camera. I am also conscious of how Nikon is 'segmenting' the camera bits to make more money out of people. That's the bit I don't like. He is right that it's poor value, but then so was the V1 at release and I think (barring specialised uses) the V2 is poor value too. And let's not forget he owns the earlier models so he likes them but probably doesn't see much as having moved on while the competition has.

In context, it all makes sense.
I wish we can get far more negative reviews so Nikon becomes overstocked again, J1 and V1 style. Good times!

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