Fuji XT1 56 1.2 and the 60 2.4

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Re: Fuji XT1 56 1.2 and the 60 2.4

The best camera in the world for you is the camera you have with you.  When I shot Nikon DSLR's exclusively, that camera more often that not turned out to be my wife's now seven-year-old Canon P&S.  (She just won't get rid of it.)  Now that I have very recently acquired a Fuji X-E1 and X-E2, I expect it will more often be one of these with one Fuji lens or another.  (I will start with the 27mm.)

I have shot cameras from 16mm to 8X10 and the extremes are, respectively, too little and too big for most purposes by modern standards.  Photo enthusiasts now appear to have decided to argue over the relative benefits of the "full-frame" and APS-C sensors.  (Anything smaller is immediately dismissed and anything larger is too expensive to be considered.)  I can only see the difference between APS-C and full frame to be one stop's DOF in favor of the FF camera if the sensors have the same resolution, the same design, the same AA filter in front of them (if any), and are of the same generation.  Thus, the APS-C camera's lens must be a stop faster to offer technically the same image if maximizing DOF is important.  (This is my opinion but it is shared reasonably widely.)  From my experience with Nikon DSLRs, the lens for the FF camera will still be far heavier beyond the amount the 1.5X longer FL demands.  However, I know that those who lug FF cameras will argue that the images they offer are better regardless.  Personally, I credit the photographers who shoot them.

Lest I forget, I like the photos posted at the top quite a bit, especially the flowers.

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