Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

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Re: Anyone else try an a6000 but stayed with their NEX-6/7?

blue_skies wrote:

Well, if you hold the Nex-6, Nex-7 and A6000 next to one another, the A6000 feels lightest.

The A6000 weighs 1g more than a N6.

It also feels 'simpler', if that word makes any sense, in terms of button feel and grip.

I don't get that vs. the N6, but yes vs. the N7.

But the lower-res EVF actually works better, low light white-balance seems better, UI is improved, AF is faster (with native E lenses), 24Mp is an upgrade over the Nex-6, handling WA lenses without purple cast is an improvement.

Yes, agreed.

For quality, the Nex-7 still stands alone. All metal body (ie. no Wifi), feel and handling is superb.

I don't think metal automatically = better quality or handling, but the N7 was pretty well put together.

The A6000 feels cheaply made, next to a Nex-7, but the other features certainly make up for it.

But an A7000 for just a 'more expensive feel' won't cut it - it needs another 'must have' feature to justify its higher price point.

Even so, an A6000 or A7000 won't break the ISO barrier - the A7/r/s still easily outperform them.

You think? A7 is a FF that costs $1050 more (body) vs. A6000. Does the A7 also outperform w/ AF, accuracy, lens selection, zoom reach?

Each tool has its place. NEX-6 is obviously comparable to the A6000, but throwing the A7 in there doesn't make sense to me.

I did some indoor side-by-sides (A6000+E24Z at f2 versus A7+FE32 at f2.8) and the A7 easily wins

Of course... Did anyone expect different?

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