Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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No, the only "rule" would be manufacturers use a factory seal ...

... Retailer could do whatever they choose, including no change. The only thing different would be that we as consumers would know definitively if someone has opened the box.

Retailers that choose to let you come in, or will mail you, items to try out can continue to do so. Since you don't mind buying a lens or camera that has been opened and tried out, and many other feel the same way, these retailers that still do this would get your business. Those that do not would not.

Patrick McMahon wrote:

There is a whole host of "what if's" and "how abouts..." that boil down to a consumer either:

1. Not taking responsibility for their own informed choice of retailer.

How can anyone make such an informed decision? Right now we don't know if a retailer is reselling used product as new ...

2. Choosing to purchase from an online retailer to avoid tax.

3. Choosing to purchase from a retailer to potentially take advantage of a liberal return policy if they have buyers remorse/ unhappy.

And I think it is mostly a combination of the the three.

Your initial post contains a whole host of various rules and hoops a retailer may be forced to jump through that Amazon and Alibaba will negotiate away with the greatest of ease.

No hoops or rules, just a factory seal.

Like I said, I like to go in and try things out. Last thing I tried was a piece of Zeiss glass under "supervision." Your regulatory scheme would have that camera store take a completely unnecessary loss on that lens (hundreds of lenses)... Amazon would never take such a loss by virtue of its business model.

No regulatory scheme ... retailers that want to let you come in and try, or buy and try, can continue to do so. The only difference is we would all know.

So in order to try a lens I would need to purchase from Amazon because of their liberal return policies...

Again, if you purchase a piece of equipment which you know has been used and it subjectively bothers you, return it and stop doing business with them. If it is simply a case of black helicopter paranoia then... well... I don't know what to say.

Is my "nullifier" idea going to get panned? I mean what would be more fun than that!


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