Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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Patrick McMahon
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Re: More than just the sales tax ...

There is a whole host of "what if's" and "how abouts..." that boil down to a consumer either:

1. Not taking responsibility for their own informed choice of retailer.

2. Choosing to purchase from an online retailer to avoid tax.

3. Choosing to purchase from a retailer to potentially take advantage of a liberal return policy if they have buyers remorse/ unhappy.

And I think it is mostly a combination of the the three.

Your initial post contains a whole host of various rules and hoops a retailer may be forced to jump through that Amazon and Alibaba will negotiate away with the greatest of ease.

Like I said, I like to go in and try things out. Last thing I tried was a piece of Zeiss glass under "supervision." Your regulatory scheme would have that camera store take a completely unnecessary loss on that lens (hundreds of lenses)... Amazon would never take such a loss by virtue of its business model.

So in order to try a lens I would need to purchase from Amazon because of their liberal return policies...

Again, if you purchase a piece of equipment which you know has been used and it subjectively bothers you, return it and stop doing business with them. If it is simply a case of black helicopter paranoia then... well... I don't know what to say.

Is my "nullifier" idea going to get panned? I mean what would be more fun than that!

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