Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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Re: But to some people, those 200 actuations ...

ne beginner wrote:

Patrick McMahon wrote:

My Df had 200+ which I (and others) welcomed, they upped their QC. To some though, that is a 1% use of the shutters life.

To some people it seems, those 200 actuations you discovered on a supposedly factory new camera could also mean the retailer sold it, let some one use it, then return in for whatever reason, and sell it to you.

After all, we don't know for sure that its Nikon testing these at the factory. We're just supposing that's the case, based on what some camera store sales reps are telling customers who question them about the actuations.

If the language and date/time settings are not done, one can be reasonably confident (although perhaps not 100% certain) that the camera has not been sold before.

Why not put a factory seal on the box? Then there would be zero question that Nikon technicians did it at the factory, and the camera was 100% new.

I would agree the seal would help a lot. I am not quite sure why manufacturers don't do it. Although, when I recently bought my Fuji camera, not the box, but the plastic bag in which the camera was wrapped inside the box was sealed. That's OK too.

Consumer protection legislation could also help. Simply could make it illegal to sell an item as new when it has been previously sold.

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