85mm 1.4: zeiss, nikon or sony alpha?

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Re: 85mm 1.4: zeiss, nikon or sony alpha?

i see. interesting that canon version is not as sharp.  thanks for your info.

yes my bad it's 90/2.8.  i do prefer c/y for proper focusing too.  it's probably not first choice though because of 2.8.  thought 1.4 would be handy for certain portrait shots too.

Well the Sony Zeiss is a Sony lens with Zeiss 'approval', the Zeiss though is a Zeiss but a relatively older design. It is in all likelihood that the Sony Zeiss is a little better.

I don't know why the A85 doesn't get as much of a mention, considering it is one of the smallest and lightest 85's around, even with adapter you are looking at about 300g total, with AF and it is a very good performer. Yes the adapter is a bit bulkier than a straight tube adapter, but it is no heavier really.

The Minolta 85mm f1.4 AF and variants as far as I know is the lightest of the AF f1.4's at around 100g lighter than the Zeiss and the Zeiss over 100g lighter than the Sigma. The A85 is about 1/3 the weight of the lightest Minolta... that is a significant difference for what is meant to be a small system.

Have a flickr search of the Sony 85mm f2.8 and you'll be surprised what it can achieve and I haven't even started on the price.

Also, important to me, the A85 has the shortest minimum focus distance, then closely the Sigma and then the Mino and Zeiss trailing behind. Keeping in mind that subject distance also effects DoF this is quite important to note as well.

Little A85 is a winner in my books and will easily beat many 'fast' legacy lenses at f2.8 and will cost you less.

My next in line lens would be the Mino 85mm f1.4, at 500ish grams it is about the same as the MF Samyang.

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