Graduated Neutral Density Filter

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I use a screw-in filter (Tiffen HT grad ND 0.6, the only screw-in grad that's both multicoated and glass).

The Heliopan grads are made in Germany from Schott glass and most of their filters use a 16 layer coating. They also use the black anodized brass frames like B+W (Schneider) filters.

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Please note, brass is not anodized. aluminum rings can be anodized. The brass are matte black finished. This is true for Heliopan, B+W and Rodenstock brass mount filters.

... at this website:

Unfortunately I wrote that page and it has not been corrected. I repeat. Brass rings are matte black finished. Aluminum rings are black anodized.

... now we know. I guess matte black finished is similar to a sprayed on paint-like finish?

It can be painted with spray on paints or it can be electostatically sprayed on particles. I never cared enough to ask. Although I have watched them machine the rings from brass stock and that was fascinating enough for me. Watching a factory spray/coat/finish the product is like watching grass grow. At the Kaiser factory I once watched them electrostatic ally paint the barn doors for some of their video lights and it was rather boring except for the waterfall wall that was behind the product being painted to catch wayward paint particles.

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