To A6000 after RX10.

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Re: To A6000 after RX10.

Hi E-mount cameras guys!

I'm new A6000 owner (from last friday). Also before this (and now) I have RX10 and RX100-1 which I real love to use and in general love IQ from both of them.

Get A6000 because thinking about to get better DOF in portraits, also a much bigger censor makes more possibilities in low lights situations. Also DxO censor estimate is very hi - 82 and so comparable with full frame cameras even.   Was planning build some lenses system, definitely started from Sony 10-18 F4 (for tight rooms,bedrooms,bathrooms, kitchens - all prof.), then may be exchange bace lens for 16-70 Zeiss, then later some primes...

So plan was a big! In fact now I don't now if was right... When I do compare (with my bace lens only) pics with the RX10s I cannot see a difference in IQ and let say RX10 even more sharper (main point for me!) in any, even limited lighting situations.

I'm trying don't give up..., but... Please tell me some ideas. May be to get better results I need in first buy better lenses?

Or just A6000 is interchangeable lens camera and have possibilities to use different (by taste) lenses with no better IQ then even smaller censor in RX10?

Also in this forum reading a lot of complains about different lenses...

Thank you all in advance.


Forget the 16-70mm if you are keeping your RX10, the advantage you get will be minor at best, it is quite expensive and doesn't have as much range (24-105mm vs 24-200mm).

I would use the a6000 to take advantage of the IL to get focal lengths and looks you can't get on the RX10, so the 10-18mm you mentioned and some fast primes for low light and DoF, such as the 35mm f1.8 and 50mm f1.8. Keep your RX10 as your zoom lens.

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