Just for fun (Panasonic camera/pet-related)

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Re: Just for fun (Panasonic camera/pet-related)

Squee!  Gwen the little toad is adorable!  I've found tiny frogs like that in the streams of western Maryland; they were black and you could mistake them for small crickets if you didn't look close.  It's incredible to me that a vertebrate can be so tiny and perfect.

Alas, I have no amphibians here in Chicago.  I don't think my three resident panthers would treat a toad with respect.  The two kittens got here in February, but I still haven't gotten a good photo of all three.  This shot captures the family dynamic pretty well with just the senior cat and one of the new guys.

Try as he might, Cosmo could not escape the feeling that he was being followed.

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