Why all the Df hate?

Started May 6, 2014 | Discussions thread
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It's obviously overpriced

I do not think that prior use of the Df is a requisite for observing that it is heavily overpriced. It should be around £1600-1700 new, body only (c.f. the current D610 average price, which is about £1400). Instead, it is £2400, with a lens that most folks don't need.

Personally, I might buy one, once I can get one 2nd hand for a realistic sum. This should be pretty easy in about 6 months from now. The Df, for whatever reason, is exactly the kind of camera bought by those folks who must have the latest boutique camera (nikon know this, which explains the high price, IMO). It's not a coincidence that it is compared in these forums to cameras like the RX1 (which is a *completely* different camera). Sooner or later, the Df will no longer be the newest thing, and they will start to appear on ebay at substantial discounts.

I want to be clear that nothing in this post is intended as a slight against anyone's camera equipment, purchasing choices, wallet or manhood. This is simply my interpretation of why the Df price is so high, and how I might get around that problem, using the power of patience. Peace!

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