85mm 1.4: zeiss, nikon or sony alpha?

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Re: 85mm 1.4: zeiss, nikon or sony alpha?

I had Sigma 85mm f1.4 for Canon, but wasn't impressed at all, same as with Zeiss 85 f1.4 ZE. Those two are only two 85mm lenses from my collection that I sold.

i'm surprised to hear about zeiss 85/1.4.  it's one of the lenses i'm considering among nikkor 85/1.4, contax g 85/2.8, canon 100/2.0 and elmarit/summicron 90.  from most sources i read the zeiss seems to be very sharp and even sharper than leica ones.  thus i'm thinking different versions of zeiss 85.  could you share more on why your ZE was not impressive?

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